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At Wooboat, we are experts in AIS and GPS data analysis for the maritime industry. Our expertise spans across several key areas:

• Vessel Tracking: We offer innovative GPS tracking devices that enable coastal fleets, such as artisanal fishing boats and MPA surveillance vessels, to track and locate their ships in real-time. We also provide an interactive platform and mobile application for visualizing vessel tracking data.

• AIS Data Analysis: Using our web platform and advanced analysis tools, we extract strategic insights from AIS data. We utilize statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms, and interactive visualizations to deliver detailed intelligence reports and interactive dashboards.

• Solutions for Maritime Agents and Ship Brokers: We provide systematic analysis of AIS data for maritime agents and ship brokers. Leveraging software such as RStudio and Looker, we deliver in-depth analysis of market trends, maritime traffic forecasts, and recommendations to facilitate informed decision-making.

• Interactive MAIS Web Platform: Our web platform enables clients to access real-time visualization of maritime traffic through AIS receivers and providers installed and present in MPAs, as well as GPS data from our devices. With a user-friendly interface and advanced filtering and grouping capabilities, users can efficiently explore and analyze AIS and GPS data.

At Wooboat, our mission is to provide comprehensive AIS data analysis and vessel tracking solutions to help our clients optimize their maritime operations, enhance their security, and make informed decisions. If you are seeking expert partners in AIS and GPS data analysis, we are here to support you.